TOR (human, age unknown) was born sometime before the events of the GREAT CATACLYSM.

As a child, her parents abandoned her at the doorstep of a MYSTERIOUS TEMPLE, home to a powerful CULT of soothsayers and diviners who studied the stars and worshipped chaos itself. They were known regionally as THE KIN, disciples of Tharizdun.

These cultists embraced the despair that shook the lands and sought to trace its origin, swearing fealty to whatever entity brought down the terror.

The Kin adopted the child and raised her to worship chaos and revel in destruction. As she grew, they moulded her skills of deception, teaching her to walk a path of shadows. Her forehead was ritually tattooed with a great eye, at its centre the tome of Tharizdun.

Tor grew into a formidable thief, raiding nearby villages for supplies. As she grew older, The Kin began to send her on quests to find DEMONIC ARTEFACTS which they sought to summon an ancient spirit of destruction.

Returning from one such quest, complete with an ancient spy-glass, Tor found her home, the temple, had been raided and burned. Scrawled on the wall in blood was the word, “HERETICS.” No trace of The Kin could be found.

For the next few years Tor wandered from village to village, stealing what she needed to get by, and working as a hired hand when necessary. She slept during the day and wandered at night, growing pale and ghostly, her silence only broken by whispered prayers to gods she no longer felt close.

Tor drifted from the worship of chaos but continued to look to the skies for guidance, searching every night for a path. The rising of a red star, and the promise of work from a neighbouring village’s hearth-witch, has lead her to the village of Greylin.


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