A small settlement that was at one time a bustling village along a major trading route in southwest Orrys. Now, less than 100 survivors (mostly humans) have built a small community, sustaining themselves on small stretches of usable farmland and food foraged from the surrounding plains and grasslands, occasionally trading with Nantgarn to the southeast. Because Greylin happens to rest in a small valley in the grasslands, and because it lies just outside the typical reach of Orcish strongholds and mountain bandits, it has mostly avoided attack from marauders. The last attack was 5 years ago, during which many able-bodied fighters were killed. Now a scant few guards and rangers watch Greylin’s borders.

Notable Inhabitants:
Yanus Oakheart – human elder and unofficial leader of Greylin, Yanus was a formerly a paladin before the Cataclysm.
Sybil Blacklead – human ranger and head of Greylin’s guards.
Kharn Ironthane – dwarves smith, formerly of the northern mountain clans, trained in ancient arts of crafting.
Nim – dark elf hearth witch that has overcome initial suspicion with years of healing and advice.


A small village situated at the edge of a small forest southeast of Greylin, Nantgarn has faired relatively well due to its remote location and its proximity to a source of lumber, which has allowed it to maintain strong wooden palisades around the town. It also has an amicable relationship with the nearby Halfling village of Westermerrow less than a day’s travel away. Nantgarn maintains tight security along its walls, and generally does not allow strangers beyond the gate.


The largest known Halfling settlement in the region, Westermerrow lies on the river south of Greylin and controls some of the best farmland in the region, and has even harnessed the power of the nearby river to assist in agriculture, and remain self-sufficient despite their remote location. Like nearby Nantgarn, the Halflings keep a close eye on their border, and generally do not welcome outsiders besides other Halflings.


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