All backgrounds from the PHB are available, with slight modifications by the DM.

You were previously incarcerated for a crime you may or may not have been guilty of, and spent an extended period of time in a remote prison. You’ve gained now gained your freedom, either by release or escape; either way, you do not plan on going back.
Skill Proficiency: Deception and Intimidation
Tool Proficiency: Theives’ Tools
Languages: Thieves’ Cant
Equipment: Common clothes, stone shiv, small leather pouch, blanket, candle, twine, iron manacles, a memento from your life before imprisonment
Feature: Underworld Knowledge. Upon encountering a thief, bandit, or other criminal, you can make a DC 12 Intelligence check to see if you recognize or have heard of that individual. On a success, you know their name and some cursory information about their reputation.

You were abandoned as a child, and raised by wild animals. You were a teenager before being exposed to your own kind. Even today you have trouble existing in the civilized world.
Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling, Survival
Tool Proficiency: Herbalism Kit
Languages: None
Equipment: Common clothes (torn), pouch, rope (20 feet), animal totem, a fur from the animals that raised you, herbalism kit
Feature: Raised in the Wild You can communicate with any animal of the type that raised you. This allows you to find out anything it knows. You also have the ability to call upon these animals for assistance, in addition to being able to treat the group of animals that raised you as trusted allies that will help you (though they will not throw their lives away needlessly). Choose a type of animal that you were raised by, or roll a d8 on the following table:

1. Bears
2. Wolves
3. Boars
4. Apes
5. Panthers
6. Eagles/Owls
7. Deer/Elk
8. Giant Spiders

Hearth Witch/Wizard
Whether you studied under a master, learned through intuition, you serve (or previously served) as a Hearth Witch or Wizard for your clan or settlement. Though magic-users are eyed with suspicion following the Cataclysm, those who you have helped with your esoteric knowledge of potions, lore, prophecy, and light magic attest to your role in the community.
Skill Proficiency: Arcane, Medicine
Tool Proficiency: Healer’s Kit or Alchemist’s Kit
Language: One of your choice
Equipment: Healer’s Kit or Alchemist’s Kit, common clothes, a protective symbol or totem, an old book of notes and lore, quill and ink
Bonus Spell: You can cast Prestidigitation a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Feature: Healer
You have a reputation as a healer of the sick, and are often called upon by those who are diseased or injured. You can usually gain an audience with anyone who needs treatment — even if protocol would normally prevent you from doing so — simply by agreeing to offer your assistance. By spending a few moments examining a chemical — a vial of liquid, a packet of ground powder, or the like — you can determine whether the substance is intended to harm or heal (or neither). This examination does not reveal any specific information about the substance(such as that a powder is actually an inhaled poison, or that it paralyzes its victim), only that it is either harmful or helpful to those that it is used on.


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