Welcome to Orrys


Welcome to Orrys.

The world you once knew is gone. The delicate balance that once reigned over the continent of Orrys has been shattered. Its lush valleys, ancient forests, and majestic mountains were torn, smashed and scattered when a falling star fell to earth and changed the face of Orrys forever. Though many lives were lost in the cataclysm, many yet remain in Orrys, clinging to life and scavenging the remnants of past civilizations to survive. Whether banding together in small, tight-knit communities, or persevering alone in harsh wilderness and abandoned ruins, the survivors of Orrys have adapted to their new lives. But many threats wait in the lingering darkness, biding their time, lying in wait for their chance to seize the weakened land, or to destroy what fragile balance still remains.

Here are a few important things to know about the world of Orrys:

The World Has Been Shattered. Twenty years ago, the continent of Orrys was struck by a falling star, a comet that collided with the earth and forever altered the face of the land. Ancient mountains were levelled while new ones were raised, lakes have dried up, while valleys have been flooded to create new seas. Where once an extensive system of roads and trade routes connected the many towns and villages, now the remaining communities of Orrys are isolated and eke a living off of the land. Large cities lay destroyed or abandoned. While the younger, more adaptable races have mostly banded together in the name of survival, the older races have retreated to what remains of their ancestral homes; the dwarves have locked the doors of their mountain fortresses, and the elves have closed the borders of their woodland kingdoms, while the monstrous races and orcish armies ride the open plains unfettered and unchecked.

Resources Are Limited. While settlements before the cataclysm relied on trade routes to bring food, goods, and resources from all over the continent, communities now find themselves forced to make due with what they have available. A village may have access to workable farmland, but may not have easy access to timber for building homes and tools, or metal to make adequate weapons. Those who do need to keep a vigilant guard from bandits, scavengers, and marauders. Metal tools and equipment are extremely rare, with most rangers and travellers using equipment made of leather, hide, wood, and stone.

Gold Has Little Value. With the collapse of trade all over the continent, so too has the value of the gold coin, now viewed mainly as trinkets or curiosities. Barter is now the main system of trade in Orrys, though if a currency exists, it is metal, with copper and iron being slightly more common, and steel generally being the most highly valued and sought-after. The art of blacksmithing has been slowly dying since the cataclysm, and those blacksmiths that remain are highly valued for their skill in turning these precious metals into useful tools, weapons, and armour.

Magic is feared. Though there are many far-flung theories regarding the cause of the cataclysm, many believe that magic, whether arcane or divine in nature, is the source of Orrys’ woes. Because of the secretive and esoteric nature of their arts, magic-users are generally treated with fear or suspicion wherever they go. This divide has grown deeper over the years, and though it’s not uncommon for some settlements to keep a hedge wizard or hearth witch to perform simple and relatively mundane magical tasks, many think of wizard and sorcerers as insane, destructive hermits, and clerics as deceptive charlatans.

Points of Light in the Darkness. Orrys has become a very dangerous place. Outside of the settlements, the land is plagued by gangs of thieves and bandits, roving armies of goblins and orcs, and beasts of all shapes, while older and darker evils nest in the ruins, catacombs, and dungeons that have been forgotten by the peoples of the world. The villages that remain guard their borders closely and rely on each other to survive, venturing out into the wilderness only at great need.

Welcome to Orrys

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